The Romanian Community of Learners has been involved in the preparation and organization of three Workshops with teachers and students so far:

Responsible research and Innovation (RRI) stands in the centre of the Irresistible project. Previous ‘techno-disasters’ together with the many facets of the current financial crisis have resulted in a loss of public trust in business and governments across the world with European countries the least trust in  of their own governments and business.

Introducing teachers and students to a borderline science

Through the construction and presentation of exhibits on Responsible Research and Innovation both teachers and students are introduced to a different type of science from the one that is usually presented in science classes.

The RRI modules to ten different topics developed in the IRRESISTIBLE project are based on IBSE (inquiry based science education).

A Community of Learners (CoL) is a group of people who share values and beliefs and who actively engage in learning from one another—learners from teachers, teachers from learners, and learners from learners. They thus create a learning-centered environment in which students and educators are actively and intentionally constructing knowledge together.