The RRI modules to ten different topics developed in the IRRESISTIBLE project are based on IBSE (inquiry based science education).

To structure this approach and implement it in all modules in a similar manner, the project utilizes the 5E approach designed by Roger Bybee [1]. The five stages in the Bybee-approach (Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate) were extended in the project by inserting an Exchange phase between Elaborate and Evaluate. This should foster the discussion between the different groups involved and ‘obligate’ the exchange of information with each other. The following table presents some details on the different stages of the 6E model.

Phase Description Techniques used
Engage In the engage phase students are getting interested in the subject of the module. Both formal and informal learning activities will be planned. Applications, visit to science centre, video introduction, lecture by researcher. Students may gather information using smartphones to make videos, photos or other data that can be shared in a Facebook group for example.
Explore In the explore phase students start formulating questions. A Web platform is used for gathering data and comparing and sharing results.
Explain In the explanation phase knowledge is gained, data collected and scaffolded. The teachers and the students will scaffold the content knowledge on the web platform. 
Elaborate In the elaboration phase the attention shifts to RRI-questions. Students will confront researchers with challenges to be answered by the scientists. Using the web platform students will match questions and answers by scientists. 
Exchange One of the assignments will be the design of an exhibit, which will be displayed in the science centre in the partners’ local group. Posters or other presentation modes may also be used. Contest for best exhibits, which will participate in an exhibit on a European scale, hosted by one of the partners.
Evaluate In the evaluation phase the students are tested on their content knowledge. The students themselves determine by an interview/ discussion with the researchers what they learned from the project. Online tests and surveys can be used for testing and for discussion with the researchers.

Source: IRRESISTIBLE project proposal


[1] Bybee, R. W. (2002). Learning science and the science of learning. Arlington, VA: NSTA Press.