The idea of the workshop in Kiel was to show and discuss the possibilities of using Web2.0 and Apps as tools for Inquiry Based Science Education (IBSE) in the RRI modules that are currently under development. 15 participants representing almost all partner countries met at IPN in Kiel.

The first day of the workshop was characterized by presenting and discussion of digital tools for tasks as project organization, searching for knowledge, measuring data, processing data, taking notes and working on data, sharing and publishing results. The second day had more an experimental character, thus using different tools for working in a fictitious module. The four teams collected specific photos and tracked their way using GPS, measured the acceleration of the elevators, set up a collaborative working group in Mahara, and build an interactive one-sheet-of-paper exhibition using QR codes. The Web2.0/App Guide presenting the top 30 tools will be available in the resources section of this homepage soon.