The Irresistible Project team had their second official meeting on July 4-6, 2014 at Jyväskylä, Finland. There were 29 participants from 10 countries and 12 of the partners, plus the external evaluator.

The meeting started with general remarks and comments from the previous meeting. Then, administrative and financial issues, dissemination activities were discussed. In the afternoon, partners from Weizmann Institute, Israel, arranged a workshop on Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI). The workshop was held in an inquiry-based format where each group discussed six key elements, Engagement, Gender Equality, Science Education, Open Access, Ethics, Governance, for the given contexts of Asbestos and Nanosocks. Later in the same day, the colleagues from Helsinki University presented the progress in the “evaluation” work package.  In addition, the issues regarding the questionnaires on RRI, inquiry-based science education (IBSE), and the evaluation of exhibits were discussed. 

The second day of the meeting started with the discussion concerning the organization of the newsletter and blog entries. Later, the partners from Greece, Poland, Israel, Portugal, and Romania presented their works with their local Community of Learners (CoLs) and shared their experiences. In the afternoon, partners from the Deutsches Museum and the University of Crete presented a workshop on Nanotechnology. They shared their experiences from previous projects through demonstrations, hands-on activities, and visualizations. 

On the third day of the meeting, at first a workshop on exhibitions were presented by the partners from Portugal. The groups discussed the problems/challenges they may encounter while developing the exhibits, and the topics they would like to be addressed at the workshop to be held in October in Lisbon. In the end of the meeting, partners discussed various issues and concerns about RRI, 6E inquiry model, exhibits, and communication. The meeting was closed with comments from the external evaluator Peter Mahaffy.