The Romanian Community of Learners has been involved in the preparation and organization of three Workshops with teachers and students so far:


(a) on April the 9th, 2014, at History Museum Targoviste, the addressed topic was: “Nanoscience and Responsible Research”;

(b) on May the 14th, 2014, at Prahova Natural Science Museum, Ploieşti, the participants were introduced in the area of “Multimedia Instruments for Promoting the Concept of Responsible Research and Innovation in Museum Practices”;

(c) on June the 4th, 2014, at Dambovita County “Ion Heliade Rădulescu” Library, Targoviste, the presented subject was: “Responsible Research and Innovation in the Area of Nanotechnology”.


The workshops proposed interesting oral and video presentations, but also interactive work and a series of discussions related to the proposed topics. All the events had the scope to bring actual scientific issues near the young people and their teachers, by addressing Responsible Research and Innovation aspects, mostly emphasizing on the strengthening of the relation between research and society. 

Students were introduced to the world of Nanosciences, but notable progresses in Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials were illustrated and debated. Even the information seemed to be quite new for them, the promoters of the events were pleasantly surprised when they noticed the children being already familiar with related scientific concepts.

The members of the Romanian Community of Learners of IRRESISTIBLE project appreciated that the students’ involvement in such workshops is more than beneficial for them due to the fact that they improve their knowledge in a modern and fashioned area, overcoming in this way the role of simple consumer of science. It is also important to notice that the involvement of young students in such activities help them to discover the passion for science and, in this respect, help them also to choose a career in the field, mainly as researcher.