On the 18th of June the Institute of Education of University of Lisbon held the final Portuguese exhibition, gathering almost 100 students and teachers from the schools that were involved in the IRRESISTIBLE. 


This event, open to the public, had the purpose of presenting the work both students and teachers developed in their schools, creating an opportunity for exploring the interactive exhibits and for sharing ideas and experiences.

After the setting up of the exhibition, students, teachers and the public were able to interact and learn more about Polar Science, Climate Geoengineering, Climate Change, the Extension of the Portuguese Continental Shelf and Plastics in Oceans, as well as RRI.


At the end of the event, all participants gathered for the closing ceremony and reflected about their participation in the Project and the impact that it had on their practices. 

It was visible the excitement, joy and pride of students and their families, and teachers, which largely contributed to a great environment and a happy atmosphere.