In schoolyear 2015-2016, different schools in The Netherlands participated in the IRRESISTIBLE-project. Most participating schools chose the module about Carbohydrates in Breastmilk, that was given during biology and chemistry lessons. As a closure of the project, students made an exhibition about what they learned; often using the EXPOneer system as used frequently in this project.


Four schools sent in their best exhibits for our student’s exhibition, that was part of a larger exhibition about Energy Transition at a big church in the center of Groningen (Der Aa-kerk).



At this church, Science LinX organized the Research Days for high-school students and the Night of Arts and Sciences for the general public, in the first week of June 2016. The students visiting the Research Days were asked to vote for their favorite exhibit, almost 300 of them did so. During the Night of Arts and Sciences, another 2000 visitors could see the IRRESISTIBLE exhibition.




In the end, it was the Mammae-game that won the popular vote. In this game, made by students from Lindecollege in Wolvega, players can play and learn about what is in the module. The students bought a secondhand game and changed all the texts and some images on the cards of the game, to make it suit the module.



The prize for the best exhibit is that these students and their biology- and chemistry-teacher are allowed to participate in the final conference of IRRESISTIBLE in Kiel, from September 28 to October 1st. At this conference, there will be a large exhibition with contributions from all countries, that can be visited by the general public during the European Researchers Night, at Friday September 30.