Phase B of the Irresistible project just started in Greece. In this second phase 32 teachers (11 primary teachers and 21 secondary teachers) from Athens and Crete are involved, and they will be called to apply three of the IRRESISTIBLE modules: 

• Nanoscience Applications (Greece) 
• Plastic - Bane of the Oceans (Germany) and 
• Healthy ageing starts with mammae (Netherlands).

The kick-off meeting took place for the teachers of Athens on October 4th at the Eugenides Foundation Science Center and for the teachers of Crete on October 10th at the Department of Primary Education at the University of Crete in Rethymno. During the meeting, teachers met the other members of their CoL, got to know each other and shared their first thoughts and expectations from their participation in the project. Afterwards, they were informed by the experts about: 

• the main axes, objectives and orientation of the IRRESISTIBLE project, 
• the concept of RRI, the aspects it consists of and its approach through cutting-edge scientific topics and
• the exhibits development process, the requirements of an interactive exhibit and the way  this procedure may advance students learning. 

Finally, an overview of the IRRESISTIBLE modules which will be implemented during the second phase in Greece was also provided, as well as a demonstration of the experiments that each module includes.


Kick-off Meeting with the teachers of Phase B in Rethymno, Crete


Kick-off Meeting with the teachers of Phase B in Athens