The area of research on nanomaterials is a peaked one, and many scientists anticipate that such materials are about to become a strong base for performing materials, intelligent systems but also to set up new production methods, with significant impact on all the societal aspects. In this respect, it is obvious that in the past recent years, numerous applications of nanomaterials have been designed. Here, we can talk about UV filters in sunscreen cream, modern textiles that prevent wetting or odors, lithium-ion batteries that can supply the power of electric cars, or solar-panels confectioned by nanomaterials.


About those applications, but also related to many other information concerning the application of nanomaterials in renewable energies, young students from more than 30 schools from Dambovita and Prahova Counties, had the opportunity to know and learn, during the national special week entitled: “School, in another way - To know more, To be the best!”. In this sense, during 6-10 April 2015, the Romanian IRRESISTIBLE team proposed to teachers and students to participate in the following IRRESISTIBLE Workshops:

  • Applications of nanomaterials in industry (April 6 - location: Valahia University Targoviste Campus);
  • Applications of nanomaterials in medicine (April 7 - location: Dambovita County History Museum);
  • Applications of nanomaterials in renewable energy technologies (April 8 - location: Valahia University Targoviste Campus - Multidisciplinary Scientific & Technological Research Institute);
  • History of nanomaterials. Applications of nanomaterials in current practice (April 9 - location: “Ion Heliade Radulescu” Dambovita County Library);
  • Applications of nanomaterials in museum research (April 10 - location: Prahova Natural Science Museum);

In fact, all those Workshops took the format of non-formal education activities, as there were designed in the IRRESISTIBLE Training Module, near other 4 formal education ones. 

Each day, from the morning to late afternoon, the students had the possibilities to participate to oral presentations, multimedia presentations, demonstrations and experiments, all of them being conducted, moderated or facilitated by the Romanian IRRESISTIBLE Community of Learners.  

More than that, the young students and their teachers had the opportunity to visit the laboratories of the Multidisciplinary Scientific & Technological Research Institute - equipped with the latest installations, but also two new solar applications located on its terrace. And what could be (for the young students) the real sense of getting new knowledge and proper scientific answers, than coming to the new location of the Valahia University Campus, and having contact with new technology and enthusiasts staff, as those who are enrolled in the IRRESISTIBLE project?