In Poland, 29 science teachers (especially chemistry teachers) decided to participate in the second phase of the Community of Learners’ activity. Contrary to what has been expected, they do not teach in Krakow only, but also in a number of smaller and larger towns and cities of southern and even central Poland. Each month, five small CoL2 groups meet in Krakow, and one in Bielsko-Biala city.  In total, in the second phase of the project approx. 750 lower secondary, upper secondary and technical secondary school students have been involved.

Phase B of the Irresistible project just started in Greece. In this second phase 32 teachers (11 primary teachers and 21 secondary teachers) from Athens and Crete are involved, and they will be called to apply three of the IRRESISTIBLE modules: 

In the context of multimedia artefacts developed to support learning, interactivity can and should be more than allowing the user to choose his own path in an application, only by “point and click” through a bunch of buttons and menus (Cairncross & Mannion, 2001). If we aim to foster deeper learning, then the applications should actively engage the user, challenging him with tasks to accomplish – allowing for the application of the new knowledge being presented/introduced.

Twenty seven teachers participating in Col2 phase of a project represent various types of schools (lower  and upper secondary schools, as well as vocational one) from many places in southern and central Poland. They demonstrated very different experience in IBSE (or even the lack of such experience). It was the reason, among other things, why in September 2015, at the Faculty of Chemistry of the Jagiellonian University, a few-day-long autumn school was organized – a series of lectures, workshops, scientific tours and laboratory classes. This way we would like to prepare the Col2 teachers for the project activities.

2015 is “The Year of Light”. Inspired by this, the course focuses on the themes of “ENERGY FROM THE SUN – NANOTECHNOLOGIES – GREEN STRATEGIES” through a project with important laboratory aspects, created in collaboration with Professors of the University of Bologna.