Students of primary, lower and upper secondary education presented their exhibits on Nanotechnogy, Microplastic and Breast Milk in the public opening of the IRRESISTIBLE exhibition that took place on 15th of April 2016 in the Eugenides Foundation in Athens and on 17th of April 2016 in the Natural History Museum of the University of Crete in Heraklion. Almost 600 visitors of all ages had the opportunity to gain useful knowledge and reflect on their everyday actions related to Nanotechnology applications, Plastic in the oceans and Breast milk, by engaging in interactive hands-on activities.

Visitors were able to be familiarized with basic ideas and current applications of Nanotechnology and the way they affect their lives  through the exhibits:


·       When I changed the world

·       Nanobook

·       Nanotechnology changes our lives

·       Drop-racing

·       United States of Sizes


·       NANO-Crossword

·       NANO-Cubes

·       NANO-matching

·       Nanoslide


·       Nano-surfaces: The enemies of water

·       Extermination of cancer with Nanotechnology

·       From Nano- to Megaworld

·       Nano-tree

·       Illuminating Nanoparticles,

·       Nanoquiz

·       Robotics and Nanotechnolgy

·       Nanotechnology of self-cleaning materials

·       The house of the future



The “hot” problem of microplastic in the ocean was vividly presented by the exhibits:


·       Plastic in the world of fish

·       The circle of the lost plastics

·       The seabed of microplastics

·       I don’t believe it!!!

·       Save “Voulitsa” the wale

·       Save the Mediterranean

·       Decomposition time of materials


·       Play and Protect

·       Microplastic: An unknown danger for the food chain

·       Flowchart Plastic

·       Plastic in the Ocean

·       Microplastics: from plankton to the Human beings

·       Plastic and sea life


providing visitors with the necessary information in order to sensitize them and to make them realize the aspects and the extension of the issue.

Finally the exhibits:


·       Guess How in the Milk

·       We vote for breastfeeding

·       Breast milk: Valuable Milk

·       Milk-Arts

·       Irresistible milk

·       Healthy ageing stars with breastfeeding

·       Breastfeeding leads to healthy ageing


called the visitors to reflect on breastfeeding and baby formulas and to take into consideration all the scientific and social factors that are involved in such a choice.

Parents, teachers, school directors, school advisors, educational policy leaders and other stakeholders attended the event. They also had the opportunity to be informed in a plenary session by the participating teachers, science researchers, science education researchers and science museum experts about their experience in applying the IRRESISTIBLE – Project in Greece.