In Romania, the IRRESISTIBLE Project involved Valahia University Targoviste as main promotor of its activities, but also two Museums - History Museum of Dâmboviţa County and Prahova Natural Science Museum - as main vectors of organizing the assumed project informal and non-formal activities, in which young students are involved, together with their teachers and Project Community of Learners. Here, the students were introduced on relevant and cutting-edge research topics, in order to be more familiar with science, but also to the problems related to Responsible Research and Innovation.


The best period for designing such activities were offered by the national special week: “School, in another way - To know more, to be better!”, organized each year in April, when the Project Community of Learners proposed a series of Workshops having The World of Nanomaterials as main topic. But for young students, the whole adventure in this world started in April 2015, when 5 different Workshops were held, followed by the participation (also with some exhibits!) to the Exhibition: “The World of Nanomaterials and Solar Energy”. The Exhibition was present in the History Museum of Dâmboviţa County during April - November 2015. However, around the exhibits, the peak moment of the year was on September the 25th: The European Researchers’ Night! The event - having the Project Community of Learners as principal promoter and organizer - arose a great interest, not just for students and teachers, but also for general public. Presentations, explanations, interactive applications and live demonstrations of the main features of nanomaterials and their applications in several areas (mostly in Solar Energy) were included in a program that started before evening and finished after midnight!


In 2016, the special week: “School, in another way - To know more, to be better!” included extensions of the previous proposed Workshops with new topics: “Can We Prevent the Climate Changes?” and “Smart Cities and Renewable Sources of Energy”. Together with the Exhibition “The Sun and The Nano World” - organized this time at the Prahova Natural Science Museum -, young students had the opportunity to find out and identify some facts in their daily lives in order to help them getting started to become more environmentally friendly, more acquainted with new sources of energy (like hydrogen) and more familiarized with the architecture of future cities. More than 500 students enjoyed the whole week and couldn’t help asking in the end about the next meetings with so interesting subjects!