On the 5th of March 2016 the Education Institute of Lisbon University held the second workshop developed by Polar Educators - Portugal, in which the Project IRRESISTIBLE was highlighted. This workshop was aimed at science teachers that share interest in Polar Science and in developing new classroom strategies on how to approach the many topics related to this field of Science.

On the afternoon, Pedro Reis and Rita Marques presented the IRRESISTIBLE Project to the participant teachers, and focused their intervention on the Polar Science teaching module that was developed by the Portuguese CoL and also on the innovative aspects of this Project, namely the RRI approach and the development of scientific interactive exhibitions by students.

The workshop also included the participation of Portuguese CoL science teachers, that presented the work they have developed in the past year on behalf of the IRRESISTIBLE Project, focusing on the students and teachers’ achievements and on the potentialities of embracing a school Project like IRRESISTIBLE.

These interventions allowed for the participant teachers to know better the IRRESISTIBLE Project, its approach and their teaching modules. One major positive aspect was the opportunity of having CoL teachers sharing their experiences, which contributed to a more enthusiastic atmosphere amongst the workshop participants.