On the 5th of June 2015 teacher Marta Espírito-Santo and her three 5th grade classes (10-11 years old) involved in the IRRESISTIBLE project presented their final exhibition on RRI in Polar Science. They were developing the module and the products for this exhibition since February 2015.

A crowed school, full of students and their parents and relatives; At the entrance of the exhibition; the exhibition name "Planet Earth or Planet Water?"

The exhibition involved students from three classes; students have worked in groups and have build different objects: comic stripes, digital posters (printed and available in pc screens) and cardboard games.

Responsible Research and Innovation Board - with posters and comic stripes in a book; Cartoon with the six RRI dimensions

Students from other 5th grade classes visiting the exhibition; Interactive poster "You can change the planet! Read the comic strip and finish the story using the pens and balloon speech on the table".

Students writing down and posting their thoughts on balloon speeches. What a great way to leave their mark on the exhibition!

Parents and grandparents visiting the exhibition.

The snowman ethics game - for every point you can build your own snowman!

The Polomania game


One of the most popular games - Spin the Wheel Game, with questions about everything related to Polar Science!

One of the Spin the Wheel Game question: Question related to Gender Equality in scientific research - "I've never saw women scientists, only men" or "Girls are educated to become anything else but scientists". Point out some reasons for this difference between man/woman and what is necessary to change, in your opinion, for women to become part of science.

Another game "The Path to the Poles"; Digital posters available in computers

Visitors filling the final questionnaire: students wanted to know the impact of their exhibition on visitors; Teacher Marta Espírito-Santo and students.