This game was part of the exhibition developed by a group of students from the 5th grade (10-11 years old) and their science teacher (Relíquia Abreu) from the Portuguese school "EB 2/3 Nun'Alvares" in Seixal (PHOTO 1). Throughout the year they have been working on the module about Polar Science and some of the students decided to develop a game for the final exhibition.

The game was composed of a cardboard (in green), a dice and a book. Inside the book, on the first page, there were the instructions for the game, and on the other pages, questions with blak spaces for visitors to write their answers. Questions were about RRI in Polar Science (PHOTOS 2 & 3).

Visitors had to roll the dice on the cardboard and see in what number the dice stopped; then they had to see on the book the correspondent question. To find information for the answer, they then needed to read the posters that other students made (PHOTO 4). After that, they would write their answer (PHOTOS 5 & 6).