Project Irresisitble  was presented by two symposia organized at the European Conference on Research in Chemistry Education (ECRICE), in Barcelona, Spain, between September 7-10, 2016.  

Great success and one more important international recognition for the Greek IRRESISTIBLE team that won the 3rd prize in the European Reach Out! 2016 Competition organized by the European Materials Research Society (

My name is Ismail Ates. I havebeen teaching for 16 years. I have worked with students from different age groups.  My goal is to increase students’ awareness and attitudes towards science as well as developing their skills in understanding and examining new developments and innovations with asking questions about their risks and benefits. Meeting with Project Irresistible stimulated my excitement and motivation for reaching that goal.

The European Union encourages science education to orient towards the concept of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI), i.e. socially and ethically sensitive and inclusive processes of science and technology. RRI is a major cross-cutting issue of the Horizon 2020 programme and a key concept in calls related to science education. Through a number of EU-funded initiatives such as IRRESISTIBLE, RRI is likely to have a substantial influence in teacher professional development and school science across Europe.

The Irresistible module, “Climate Change” developed by Finnish team in the 1st Cycle of the project and adapted by Turkish team in the 2nd Cycle of the project. Then, 14 science teachers and a mathematics teacher who collaborated with a science teacher, from 9 schools implemented the module to 205 students ranging from Grade 5 to 10.