During fall of 2015, several elementary and lower secondary schools in Central Finland participated in the project IRRESISTIBLE. With student teachers from the University of Jyväskylä, classes were initiated with Nanoscience, Climate change, and Geoengineering basics. They built different kinds of exhibits to communicate their findings to their peers and sometimes parents or the wider public.

The second phase of the Project Irresistible in Turkey continues with the workshop on “Global Climate Change Module” with the participation of 23 science teachers in February 13, 2015 at the Bogazici University. Global Climate Change Module, one of the cutting-edge topics in science education, has attracted science teachers’ interest.

At the end of 2014 the University of Bologna Irresistible team asked me to join the group in order to discuss RRI issues with the boys and girls involved in the second phase of the project.

From January 13 through 16 Miikka de Vocht and Jan Apotheker attended the LSME conference titles International Conference on Responsible Research in Education and Management and its impact. 

Already during the planning stages of the project, we chose to implement the 5E model of inquiry by Bybee et al. (2006) as a big part of the structure in the developed learning environments. The choice would guide the production of learning environments by the Communities of Learners and ensure that the students learning with our materials would have an idea of how to conduct a scientific study.