Almost three years ago, Else Henneke and me, Jolanda van Duyvenbode, started working in the IRRESISTIBLE-project. Together with the University of Groningen, we developed the (now quite popular) teaching module “Carbohydrates in Breast Milk”.

Students from all over the country worked with the module, and could participate in an exhibition-competition on June 4th, 2016 during the Night of Arts and Sciences. Visiting students decided that the wining exhibit (a game) was made by students from our school. The prize was a trip to the European Researchers Night in Kiel to present our exhibit.

On the afternoon of Thursday September 29, we drove to Kiel (Germany). Together with about 40 teachers and 80 students from different countries () we stayed in Youth Hostel Kiel. The hostel had a so-called ‘bunka’-system: each room had a front door, with in the room one toilet, one shower, two sinks and two more doors with behind each doors two bunk beds. Jannick stayed in a room with two students from Poland and in the other room students from Italy. Jillianne, Marjolien and Melissa shared a room, and in the other room three students from Poland. After a nice dinner in an Italian restaurant, everyone went to bed on time because it was going to be a long day on Friday.

On Friday, in the morning there were meeting sessions for students and for teachers. A perfect moment to exchange experiences, where for example Jannick made some friends from Turkey. In the afternoon, we set up the exhibitions and from 4PM to midnight, was the presentation of the exhibitions at the University of Kiel. More than 2000 visitors came to see the exhibitions and there was quite some interest for the 'game' that our students made.


Saturday morning, we (Jolanda and Else) helped take down the exhibition while the students were shopping in Kiel. In the afternoon, we visited different musea and many ideas for collaboration and exchange projects were discussed between the participating schools. We hope to set up an exchange with students from Kiel even this school year.

In summary, we had a few unforgettable and very informative days!